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Utility 2.0, but Not a Utility

Local Power's clients include state governments setting up CCA, like New York and California, and CCAs in formation or under operation, like San Francisco or Sonoma County. We help both CCAs and municipal utilities like Boulder, Colorado and Sacramento Municipal Utility District set up Community Solar and energy localization programs. With Local Power's approach, customers need no longer choose between competitively-priced power or green power. CCAs consistently offer far greener and more local power, while stabilizing and lowering utility bills - offering local jobs & economic development, community ownership & customer ownership.

Local Power is uniquely focused on localization as a strategy in an industry that is addicted to centralized, remote power. Developing the most sophisticated analytical tools for CCAs over more than a decade with unique depth from the East Coast to the West, Local Power has unmatched sophistication in complex energy markets, including program design, policy, finance, and engineering. We are uniquely committed to delivering a fundamentally new kind of retail electricity service that integrates design, development and operation of local, distributed renewable generation with smart grid technologies and energy efficiency measures. Customers' bills go down, rates stay competitive, and local control of power is established for both individuals and and the community.

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