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Who We Are.

Paul Fenn, Founder & President of Local Power Inc., best known as the creator of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) and Solar Bonds, has twenty years of success enabling communities to become enegy independent, saving Americans billions of dollars on their electric bills and causing some of the largest greenhouse gas reductions in history. Fenn is recognized for his innovations in energy policy, law, and finance; data analysis, program design, and negotiation. After writing the original law in Massachusetts twenty years ago and drafting a "second generation" law in California in 2000, Fenn's entire focus is "re-engineering the grid:" creating new program designs, financial vehicles and wholesale power strategies to lower the cost of renewable distributed energy resources. In recent years, Fenn led his team in preparing a business plan for a $1B "In-City Buildout" for the City of San Francisco, proving the economic feasibility of a localization and carbon reduction strategy for Sonoma County, California, and created a "Localization Portfolio Standard" for the City of Boulder, Colorado. Fenn was also recognized for several major political campaigns to create and defend Community Choice, such as creating and helping run the campaign to defeat PG&E's $67 M Proposition 16 - an astroturf effort to to hamstring California's CCA law in 2010. Fenn also drafted San Francisco's 2001 solar and energy efficiency financing authority, Proposition H and ran the campaign with co-founder Julia Peters. Fenn holds a Masters degree with PhD fellowship from University of Chicago. A more detailed bio is available here.

Julia Peters, Chief Financial Officer and Campaign Coordinator, co-founded Local Power, and has over twenty years of experience organizing political campaigns and administering large organizations. Peters' career first began in the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG), initially serving as the Statewide Canvas Director of CalPIRG, and then as the National Canvas Director of PIRG itself. She also served as the Field Director for a California ballot initiative (Proposition 212), and was the Campaign Manager for Jerry Brown's initial successful run for Mayor of Oakland in 1998. Ms. Peters ran Local Power’s coalition and nonprofit fundraising activities prior to 2007, managed San Francisco’s Proposition H campaign in 2001, and helped to form and manage the San Francisco Community Choice Energy Alliance.

Arthur Medlar, Chief Information Officer, has helped develop Local Power's CCA 2.0 cost, financial and logistical modeling software since 2008. Mr. Medlar is known for co-developing WAIS, the world's first internet search engine, as well as the early version of the Internet Archive. Art has 25 years in software development, design, and management experience - Starting with Thinking Machines in Boston, MA in the late 1980’s, Medlar was a software engineer programming massively parallel Connection Machines. During the 1990’s Medlar worked at Xerox Parc in Palo Alto, CA Operating Systems Research and Development. More recently Medlar was principal engineer at San Francisco-based Brightmail, an anti-spam software product, where he took a napkin sketch of the technology and managed the entire development process to full-scale deployment and sale of the company to Symantec in 2004.

Howard V. Golub, LPI Chief Strategic Advisor, is the former General Counsel of Pacific Gas & Electric. Mr. Golub advises LPI in developing and evaluating alternative business models or policies, including ownership of distributed generation and storage at customer sites and selling both electricity and thermal energy to the customer. Mr. Golub is a senior partner at Nixon Peabody LLP, and has thirty years of experience in the energy industry. He provides services to a wide range of clients in the energy industry nationwide including investor-owned and publicly owned utilities, independent power producers, and developers of technologies for the production of energy. Nixon Peabody LLP (NP) attorneys are leaders in providing advice and counsel to municipalities and public entities in the development and implementation of energy strategies. NP is a nationally recognized bond counsel with experience and leadership in all areas of public finance. NP is perennially among the top-10 bond counsel representing thousands of issuers.

Charles Schultz, Research and Development Director, joined Local Power in June of 2010, and conducted research and drafted reports on the regulatory and legal conditions encountered by Community Choice Aggregation in California and aggregation laws in other states. His responsibilities also include interfacing with local government elected officials and staff to increase awareness and offer guidance to aggregations in multiple states. Mr. Schultz has also worked in video and social media, producing viral marketing and political messaging campaigns for environmental causes including California’s Proposition 16 “No” Campaign (2010). He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.

Bradley Turner, Vice President, Infrastructure Projects, began assisting LPI on time-process and economic modeling of integrated renewable distributed generation and storage in 2001 as part of LPI’s leadership in integrating its “H Bond” authority into the CCA program culminating in the City’s CCA Program Design, Draft CCA Implementation Plan and H Bond Action Plan (2007). Mr. Turner has contributed substantially to LPI’s time process modeling capabilities, building on our in-house experience from the wireless telecommunications industry to prepare local government utilities and energy programs to accomplish accelerated transitions to integrated local renewable, storage technologies and the communications systems that are part and parcel of their integration into the mainstream operations of the utility. Mr. Turner has multi-sectoral experience, including several major public works projects.

Anthony Mazy, PE, Senior Electrical Engineer, specializes in electrical distribution architecture, jurisdiction and technology, contributing to Local Power's program design for microgrid and islanding technolgy since 2007. Mr. Mazy has nearly thirty years of very broad-based experience in utility systems and energy analysis, facilities energy design and administration, advanced technology research, development and demonstration, technical analysis, utility and energy policy, and technical standards development. He has worked for the United States Navy and the CPUC for over a decade as a utilities engineer. Mr. Mazy specializes in automated meter reading systems, meter and data communications standards, and advanced metering infrastructure, and distributed generation policy and interconnection standards. In private practice, he has consulted on the development of a wide variety of small-to-medium distributed generation development projects, on distributed generation and electric restructuring policy for national and international studies, national standards development working groups for distributed generation and advanced metering infrastructures, and arc flash hazard analysis for small industrial facilities. Reg. Cal. E-14862

Ben Rasenow, Senior SCADA Specialist, Distributed Generation and Storage, has been a Control System Engineer for LPI since 2008. He focuses on SCADA and control systems design and Smart Grid technology inter-face and inter-operability evaluation, preparation of distributed generation project proposals, development of decision support applications for renewable energy projects identification, and contractor bid support. Mr. Rasenow has provided control system project management, operations support, organizational standards, practices and policy development and SCADA communications design for a large water utility. His responsibilities include providing Control System Project Management, Operations Support, Organizational Standards, Practices, and Policy Development, Intra- Agency Security Liaison, and SCADA communications design. He has managed a municipal SCADA system, integrated SCADA and control systems related to capital improvements, supporting maintenance and upgrades, as well as database management, HMI display development, network management, microwave network deployment, PLC program modifications, and trouble-shooting of WAN communications. He is experienced in design drawings and specifications including P&ID, loop diagrams, electrical schematics, PLC elementaries, panel layout, process plan, conduit and cable schedules, and interconnection. He has a B.S.M.E from San Francisco State University, 1995, and is a Registered Professional Engineer of Control Systems, Lic. No. CS 7293.

Michael P. Kuchkovsky, Architectural Advisor, LEED AP, Associate AIA, has advised Local Power since 2005. Mr. Kuchkovsky was formerly Architectural Designer at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and Ishtirak, Research Associate at the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, and Architecture Associate at Kaiser Permanente Hospitals. He holds Masters Degrees from Stanford University and Rice University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pomona College, and has published articles on Local Power's design approach in Architecture Magazine and arcCA, the Magazine of the AIA.

Chris Kiriakou, Chief Procurement Advisor, has assisted Local Power with bid preparation, rate design and project negotiation. Mr. Kiriakou was Assistant General Manager of Energy Resources for the Turlock Irrigation District in California's Central Valley until 2002, where he served for 26 years before forming Cornerstone Consulting, specializing in power planning including conservation and energy management and rate design early in his career.

Bill Powers, PE, Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer, has been working and publishing in energy since 1986, and consulting for LPI for five years. He most recently authored “San Diego Smart Energy 2020,” an energy plan that focuses on meeting the San Diego region’s electric energy needs through the accelerated integration of renewable and non-renewable distributed generation, in the form of combined heat and power (CHP) systems and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. With Local Power, Mr. Powers works directly on combined heat and power, photovoltaics on rooftop and field, battery storage at intermittent renewable sites, biomass, microturbines, air emission control systems technologies and regulation, combined cycle natural gas-fired power plants, air permitting processes, and marginal cost issues associated with operating or replace natural gas fired combined cycle power plants. Mr. Powers is a Mechanical Engineer, California (Certificate M24518), American Society of
Mechanical Engineers.

Sundell Larsen – Site Acquisition Advisor, has advised Local Power for ten years on site acquisition, permitting, construction, and the integration of distributed resources. Mr. Sundell's extensive experience is mainly in the wireless communications industry, where he has served as National Site Acquisition Manager for deployments of radio frequency equipment in Chile and Azerbaijan, as well as Site Acquisition Manager and Senior Construction Engineer for smaller deployments in the United States as well as Brazil, Budapest, Hungary, Switzerland, and Qatar. His clients include T-Mobile, Nokia, Azerfon, Cingular, Nextel, and Vodafone.

James Burgett, Resource Recovery Advisor, made his reputation by revolutionizing the computer recycling world. His Alameda County Computer Resource Center processing plant in Oakland, California recycles thousands of tons of electronic waste each year, with no diversion to landfills or Asia, and is staffed largely by ex-cons who seek technical education and training in the computer industry. Mr. Burgett has distributed over 16,000 repaired and recycled computers to schools and individuals who cannot afford personal computers across the United States, and regularly contributes computers to nations such as Cambodia, Chile, and Vietnam to help with research, education, and government operations. He has also testified before Congress on recycling policy. Mr. Burgett has been featured on CNN’s “Heroes” segment, and profiled in Wired Magazine.

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