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Bay Area Community Choice

Order a 2007 Film about Local Power from EON Films in Northern California

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Going Local: The Movement for Community Choice, by EON (San Francisco, California)

Community Choice: Power by the People (Oakland, California)

Community Choice - the Movement for Energy Independence, by EON (California-wide)

CCA Energy by Jordan Ehrlich (Interview of Paul Fenn, 2008)

Community Choice Laws and the Hydrogen Future, by EON

Athens, Ohio Town Meeting on CCA Opportunity, 2008

Recent Journalism about Paul Fenn and Local Power's Work

Fast Company Feature Story on Local Power CEO Paul Fenn (2008)

San Francisco Weekly Cover Story on Local Power's Work in The City (2009)

CleanTech.com Feature on Local Power's Work in California

Marin Independent Journal: San Anselmo, Belvedere Join Marin CCA (Nov 10, 2008)

San Francisco Bay Guardian: Local Power CCA Report

CBS News: Marin Approves Clean Energy Authority for Climate (Nov 19, 2008)

Local Power's National Efforts

Paul Fenn article on the Smart Grid (Natural Gas & Electricity, October, 2008)

Fact Sheet on Local Power's Proposal to Congress and President-Elect Obama

Local Power's Federal Policy Proposal to Congress and President-Elect Obama - Detailed

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