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Local Power - CleanPowerSF In-City Buildout Program Design and Business Case.

In 2013, Local Power completed a comprehensive program design for San Francisco to use its CCA program, CleanPowerSF, to localize its energy supply.

Using multiple strategies developed by Local Power over the course of a decade, our In-City Buildout presented a business case that would physically localize service between twenty-five and fifty percent of aggregate community-wide annual kilowatt hours over the course of less than a decade, while lowering utility bills, maintaining rate parity, complying with a mandate for 100% renewable energy, and creating a $600 million surplus in the tenth year of service. No less than a revolution in power, Local Power's CleanPowerSF CCA program design represents a quantum leap in energy economics, and provides a model for cities and policymakers who are otherwise imprisoned in conventional utility economics. This business case awaits approval by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which must approve authorization for the issuance of $1 Billion in revenue bonds of local investment in renewables and energy efficiency.

Link to San Francisco Department of the Environment LPI Presentation
Link to CleanPowerSF Web Site

Regulations and Policy
 LPI CleanPowerSF Regulatory and Policy Report
 LPI CleanPowerSF Interview Analysis

Risk Report
 LPI CleanPowerSF Draft Risk Report
 LPI CleanPowerSF Risk Review Interview Analysis

Program Design
 LPI CleanPowerSF Draft Program Design

Procurement Outline
 LPI CleanPowerSF Procurement Outline

Budget Estimate
 LPI CleanPowerSF Preliminary Budget Estimate

Permitting Report
 LPI CleanPowerSF Permitting Report
 LPI CleanPowerSF Permitting Report - Geographic Information System (GIS) Appendices

Contract Analysis

 LPI CleanPowerSF Initial Contract Analysis

Customer Phase-In Schedule

 LPI CleanPowerSF Customer Phase-In Schedule
 LPI CleanPowerSF Customer Phase-In Strategies and Shell Contract

Interview Report

 LPI CleanPowerSF Interview Report

Independent Peer Review of Local Power Deliverables

 Peer Review of Local Buildout Report LAFCO 2014

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