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Utility 2.0, but Not a Utility

Local Power has a single, focused mission. Our clients include state governments authorizing CCA, like New York and California, and city, town or county governments setting up a climate mobilization programs, like San Francisco, Sonoma County, California, or Northampton, Massachusetts. Our particular focus is helping local governments across the U.S. set up robust programs to physically eliminate carbon emissions caused by their community's energy use, through renewable energy localization, renewable/storage microgrids, demand reduction, voluntary investment, local job creation & local sustainable economic development.

Local Power helps climate leaders achieve rapid community-wide decarbonization. Among national firms, our company is uniquely focused on authentic localization as a core strategy in an industry addicted to non-local power, fuel and capital sources. Providing municipalities with interdisciplinary expertise in the preparation and launch of CCA programs for 25 years, Local Power has developed some of the most impactful carbon mobilizations programs in the United States. We have developed authorities like CCA and Green Bonds, planning tools, program designs and strategies for communities to transform and decarbonize their energy use and sourcing. From California to New York, Local Power has both unique depth and a national reputation for leadership, with unmatched sophistication in CCA, finance, community build-out planning and engineering, program design, setup and launch; policy and governance, public solicitations, term sheets and contract negotiation; regulation and permitting; and educational and political campaigns. Click here to download past project deliverables by category:

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