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Who We Are.

Paul Fenn, Founder & President of Local Power, (more...) best known as the creator of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) and Green Bonds.

Julia Peters, Chief Financial Officer & Campaign Manager, (more...) co-founded Local Power, and has over twenty years of experience organizing political campaigns and administering large organizations.

Arthur Medlar, Chief Information Officer, (more...) has helped develop Local Power's CCA 2.0 cost, financial and logistical modeling capabilities since 2008. Mr. Medlar is known for co-developing WAIS, the world's first internet search engine, as well as the early version of the Internet Archive.

Charles Schultz, Research and Development Director, (more...) joined Local Power in June of 2010, and has conducted research on the regulatory and legal conditions encountered by Community Choice Aggregation in California and aggregation laws in other states.

David Wasielewski, Hydrogen and Customer Service,(more...) has a long career in logistics and customer service, and has worked with Local Power since 2021 after completing his Master's Degree in Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts on CCA performance in the Commonwealth.

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