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Green Jobs Boomtown

Local Power's approach to energy emphasizes partnering with local developers, service providers and vendors, and creating jobs for your local work force. Our emphasis on demand technologies, onsite power and neighborhood solar means truly local jobs and local ownership.

Being green is important, but green jobs, local economic development, utility bill reduction, and economic wealth retention are other critical benefits of energy localization. Local Power is uniquely committed to energy localization in an industry dominated by outdated distant power suppliers, fuel traders, and import structures. With Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), we offer American communities a "Revolution in Power" by helping local governments secure new revenue sources to fund economic development efforts, and creating opportunities for innovative local businesses to deliver the jobs and new tax base your community needs. We call it CCA 2.0 - download our white paper, below. Or Contact Local Power to unlock a major employment economic opportunity for local governments throughout the United States and worldwide.

Sweat the details - download Local Power's "CCA 2.0" White Paper

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