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Art Medlar Bio.

Art Medlar Arthur Medlar, Chief Information Officer, helped develop Local Power's CCA 2.0 cost, financial, logistical and GIS modeling capabilities since 2008. Mr. Medlar is known for co-developing WAIS, the world's first internet search engine, as well as the early version of the Internet Archive. Art has 25 years in software development, design, and management experience - Starting with Thinking Machines in Boston, MA in the late 1980’s, Medlar was a software engineer programming massively parallel Connection Machines. During the 1990’s Medlar worked at Xerox Parc in Palo Alto, CA Operating Systems Research and Development. More recently Medlar was principal engineer at San Francisco-based Brightmail, an anti-spam software product, where he took a napkin sketch of the technology and managed the entire development process to full-scale deployment and sale of the company to Symantec in 2004.

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