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CCA 3.0: Municipal Climate Mobilization

In 2020, Local Power completed a third generation CCA business plan to use a CCA as a platform or umbrella for climate action. Click on the image below to order a copy of the CCA 3.0 report, prepared for a consortium of U.S. cities supported by the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (March, 2020).

Designed to be replicable in one-half the U.S. energy market, CCA 3.0 is a platform upon which to meet the United Nation's ten-year deadline for energy transformation "to avert irreversible damage to the earth's ecology." Reflecting five years' lessons since the launch of the CCA 2.0 model in California, CCA 3.0 takes another leap to fully realize the climate impact potential of CCA across the United States. Shifting CCA 2.0's still-centralized renewable generation paradigm to a behind-the-meter, local customer ownership-centered program design, 3.0 systematically eliminates carbon from the bottom up through the integration of onsite electric vehicle batteries, onsite heating, air conditioning and hot water systems, as flexible storage for non-exporting renewable microgrids. A partnership between CCAs and member municipalities will divide functions between procurement, planning, development and finance to transform their communties' energy infrastructure, physically reducing community dependence upon grid power and pipeline fuels through a new kind of energy integraton and customer sharing. Apart from its shift from "additionality" to "subtractionality," and its "all energy" approach to accomplishing this, CCA 3.0 significantly unlocks "widespread" voluntary customer investment in onsite technologies through municipal Green Bond financing, customer shares and cooperatives. Local Power's new report, which includes Local Power's third national survey of CCAs since 2010, presents a "shovel ready," already-legal pathway for Local Green New Deal initiatives by CCAs in CA, IL, MA, NH, NJ, OH, RI and VA.

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