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You Say You Want a Revolution?

Some say climate change demands nuclear power — that it is safe, with new reactor technologies that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly. But Local Power's work has proven renewables can do the job. Widespread, targeted conservation measures and operationally renewable distributed generation with storage, provides a real-time solution, but has not emerged for lack of a legal and fiancial support structure. Controlled at the local level, CCAs that invest in a demand-centered rather than supply-centric approach make possible a much faster, cheaper, less controversial solution to climate change than nuclear revival - without the nuclear proliferation and waste problems.

We have that support structure. Local Power's CCA 3.0 platform allows green power technologies to be integrated interoperably with battery storage and microgrids for "baseload" performance in regional communities - with the grid serving as backup power to local power. Our top-to-bottom integrated and sovereign platform to deploy the full panoply of off-the-shelf fuel-free energy technologies — in combination with targeted energy conservation, create the needed support structure for a whole new business model for energy.

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