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Community Choice Aggregation

Following Local Power’s lead, municipalities are increasingly choosing CCA specifically as a powerful vehicle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create local economic development and green jobs, or improve local energy resilience. This is possible because CCA is enabled and facilitated by state laws under which communities may break away from their monopoly electricity supplier and negotiate with energy wholesalers, and sometimes brokers, and local renewable energy developers and energy efficiency installers.

As of 2022, CCA laws cover ove one half U.S. annual electricity demand in ten states, with over 1800 municipalities (rapidly growing) already serving about fifty (50) million Americans(14%). CCA is widely recognized for achieving the highest levels of green power at the lowest prices in the United States, building many Gigawatts of new local renewable energy, and has already saved American residents and businesses in the billions of dollars on their energy bills in the past two decades. Today, CCA is poised to serve as a needed platform for climate mobilization, and in fact is prominently listed in the Green New Deal. In 2020, Local Power released its latest iteration of CCA program design after over 25 years of full-time development, "CCA 3.0", which we call The Local Green New Deal, and is working with municipalities to implement this program design.

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